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Your owner's manual should give you the recommended intervals which could be anywhere from 24,000 klms to 160,000 klms. Most transmission experts recommend changing the fluid and filter every 40,000 klms.

Few transmissions have drain plugs to drain the old fluid. In order to get the fluid out, the...

Gearbox, Differential & Motor - Oils & Lubricants

Redline Oils & Lubricants

We sell a wide range of Redline Oils & Lubricants.

Motul Oils & Lubricants

We sell a wide range of Motul Oils & Lubricants.

Gearbox, Differential & Motor Oils & Lubricants Servicing

We can help you maintain and keep your transmission & engine running smoothly, saving you money in the long run. We use some of the best quality oils and fluids available for maintaining today's wide range of transmissions and engines. Book in and try out Geartech's superior servicing today!.

Geartech Guarantee

All of Geartech's work is done to the highest standard and guaranteed.

At Geartech we try to provide the best possible service and a high standard of workmanship across all of our automotive services. All of our work is guaranteed and you can rest assure that your job will be done right and on time the first time.